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Classic Lunita Box

6 classic medialunas £12

12 classic medialunas £24



Mixed Lunitas Box

3 classic medialunas & 3 filled facturas £13.50

6 classic medialunas & 6 filled facturas £27

Filling options:

 Dulce de leche

Quince paste & vanilla custard

Vanilla custard



 The Favourites Box £25.50

2 Classic medialunas

2 Mini rogel

2 Cañoncitos de dulce de leche (canon shaped pastry)

2 Filled facturas (filled pastry)

2 Alfajores de maizena




(Argentine style biscuit sandwiched with dulce de leche)

Alfajor de maizena £3.20

(Crumbly lemon scented shortbread sandwiched with thick dulce de leche then rolled in coconut)

Milk/Dark/White chocolate alfajor £3.50

(chocolate biscuit sandwiched with thick dulce de leche coated with milk chocolate ganache)



Allergen Information

Please be aware products may contain Nuts, Gluten, Milk, Egg, Soya and Sulphates.

Due to being produced in a kitchen that handles all named allergens, we cannot guarantee allergen free products.

If you would like more detailed information of our allergy information, please don't hesitate to contact us at



This is the ULTIMATE biscuit. Argentine shortbread sandwiched with thick silky dulce de leche enrobed in chocolate or rolled in our organic desiccated coconut. This treat never disappoints! 

Argentine Facturas 

Facturas (pastries) are a laminated brioche infused with lemon, honey and vanilla. Then filled with traditional fillings- Dulce de leche, vanilla custard & quince paste with vanilla custard. 

Mini Rogel 

A Rogel cake is a very grand celebration cake, very popular in Argentina. This cake consists of thin crispy melt in the mouth pastry layered with dulce de leche then topped with toasted swiss meringue. Definitely a crowd favourite!  


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